"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Correct and to the point

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Post":

It is only at the discovery stage - if I have heard accurately - and the process could grind on for years. That being said, it is not the fault of Aurora taxpayers if the purchasers in the area were misled. Nor is our responsibility to remedy their problems.
We saw a tiny similar instance where a group of neighbours believed they had the right to dictate what was done with 3 aging trees in their midst. Council turned itself inside out on that one.
I do hope the lesson was learned.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 30 September 2014 13:02


The comment is  absolutely correct and to the point. 

The process could drag on for years. 

It doesn't have to. Up to  the beginning of trial and even after , the process can be brought to a halt with agreement to settle,

It takes two parties to agree. 

Value of the former 6 acre  school site will not diminish.

The town is not in the business of land speculation  with tax dollars. Nor litigation either for that matter.

But it does  mean the issue is shelved for the time being.

Relevant time being the period of  an election.

Whether or not it's an appropriate way to use dollar collected in taxation will no doubt be reviewed  following .

Then everyone will  have a clearer view of  how the issue became an issue.

The same cannot be said about three trees standing in the way of proper drainage of  a building lot of record with a house already built and awaiting family occupation.

At Christmas no less.

Guest Post

KA-NON has left a new comment on your post "Commitment ???":

Just read through the material on the Mavrinac website, and watched the video of Mr. Mascarin addressing council. Seems to me that there are a few issues colliding here.

Issue # 1 - The right of the town to purchase the land. It seems clear that the intent of the town was to establish a right of first refusal to purchase this land. And it seems that the developer understood this v-a-v the subdivision agreement. If, legally, this is trumped by the absence of this intention being included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) between the developer and the School Board, then the blame for that probably lies equally between the developer and the Town. The developer, for not including it in the APS (motivation unknown) and the Town, for not catching it. They are going to fight that one out in court - we'll see. On the basis of what was intended in the subdivision agreement, it would seem wrong to me if the Town does not prevail.

Issue # 2 - If the town DOES prevail in the action above, (i.e. if it does manage to legally enforce its RIGHT to purchase the land at what is now a discounted price ($2+MM), should it exercise it? The answer to this question should be considered amongst Aurora's overall needs and objectives when it comes to the land it owns and the parkland it requires, including in this area. I am not a lawyer, however the fact that the developer advertised it as either a school or a park should have no bearing on what the town chooses to do with it. (Though it does seem by reading the subdivision agreement that whatever use the town comes up with for the land, it
 must be for "municipal purposes".)

Issue # 3 - The purchasers of homes in the neighbourhood were led to believe by the developer that the land would be used for either a school or a park. I agree that the home owners would have this expectation, based on the marketing material put forth by the developer. That said, if that does not 

come to pass, their primary beef is with the developer, not the town. Unless they choose to pursue a claim against the town for not adequately reviewing all of the legal documents (e.g. the APS) to ensure that the intended right of first refusal remained intact. Of course, had that happened, the Town would have had to exercise the right, and even then they would have been free to assign to any "municipal purpose". So, no guarantee of a park.

So, the question for Aurorans in general (not just those in the neighbourhood), is, "Would you like to pay $2+MM plus the legal costs to (re)secure that right for a piece of land to be used for a "municipal purpose", perhaps a park?

Posted by KA-NON to Our Town and Its Business at 30 September 2014 08:54


Because the town is in litigation  I am required  not to speak of it.

I can't pretend that isn't frustrating.

But  there are details in the public domain.

The Planning Act requires developers to provide school sites if  the need is indicated by the school board.

A municipality is entitled to require 5% dedication  of a development area for parks.

Adequate dedication  for  neighbourhood parks  was obtained in the 2B planning area .At. no time would the town have indicated  a  neighbourhood park was an option for the school site.

A site for a community park was offered at raw land price . It was recommended  by staff and refused by the Council of the day.

The public school board purchased a site from the developer for a future high school to replace
Dr. G.W.Williams High School on Dunning Avenue.

The plan went agley and investment was made instead  in the old facility.

The public board site is large enough for a community park. It was bought at raw land price. The value is now developable land price . Last market value established on  Stronach lands  sold  at auction was $1.2 million an acre.

No other  raw lands within the town's boundaries  are available for a community park.

If the public board's high school site goes on the market, it would accommodate considerable more
additional residential density than the Mavrinac  site.

If the town is in the market for a redundant school site, that's the one we can justify. It will likely take every penny we can muster.

It's complicated and yet not. But  the details are really important .

That's where frustration arises.

Things that first appear not to be simple are not even as simple as they first appear,

Monday, 29 September 2014

Commitment ???

Questionnaires have increased substantially in this election.
I spent time this morning searching for one from  families in Mavrinac focussed on 
the vacant  6 acre site in their neighbourhood . They don't want  it to be developed. 

The questionnaire went  out to all candidates. There's  a web site. Theintention is to distribute candidates' answers prior to the election. 

I can't find it and I can't spend any more time searching. 

Candidates are requested to commit the town to purchase the site and use it for a park or some other public purpose. 

I cannot make the commitment. I really need them to know that. 

The land was earmarked for a school and not needed.

The area is better served than most for park facilities and meets the standards set out in the Master Recreation Plan.

The only other public use would be affordable housing. The last land  that went to a bidding process fetched $1.2. million an acre. 

It's my impression, housing is exactly what the neighbours don't want. It's that commitment they seek.

The land is a square. It would not lend itself to detached lots facing on Mavrinac. It would require a new road to be sensibly divided. Likely a configuration of town houses.

The town is currently locked in litigation to compel the owner/developer to sell the property to the municipality for a fraction of its value.

I did not vote for that.

The land is  completely serviced with water and sewers, roads and sidewalks, 
street  lighting , snow plowing, street cleaning, parks,police protection, fire protection and everything else that swallows up an inordinate portion of most families'  livelihood in property taxes.

The joint facility for works and parks ,at a cost of $27 million is being built to service
such new areas in town.

A $6 million  youth centre is currently being constructed based on the same need.

We just spent half a million on an old shed in the town park  that we should have had returned to us at no cost. We don't know what we're going to do with that but whatever it is,it will cost a bundle to maintain and operate.

We need  developable land to be developed to help pay for all this stuff.

6 acres sitting idle and vacant do not share the tax burden . That's  surely a concern we all have in common.

Land provided with all municipal services, producing zero revenue is on the wrong side of the ledger. It's a liability not an an asset.

As much as I would like to have the votes of families on Mavrinac who believe the town should
prevent development of that property, I cant do it in good conscience

Their website will reveal which candidates are making the commitment. The web site has Mavrinac in the name. If I find the e-mail, I will publish the web site.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Gingerbread,apple sauce and whipped cream

I went to the barbecue at the United Church site yesterday. It was a cheerful gathering with music and friends

It was great to see people on the sidewalks of Yonge Street . A fire pumper was there and firefighters.
It reminded me of the annual buggy race down Tyler Street hill the volunteers organised .

It stopped when there were  so many kids and buggies the race  became hazardous.

I think it would be nice if the Farmers Market moved over and had a pumpkin sale on Yonge Street for Halloween.

I  scooted up to Wellington Street . Stopped in at the paint and wallpaper shop. It really is a beautiful little store.

I think we might be having the same problem we had years ago with commuters leaving cars in available parking spaces while at work in the city all day.

Carried on up to the  traffic lights and discovered why Gabriel's Cafe is never open when I'm there.
It' s only open for lunch trade.And for reservations.

Further on the sidewalk was utterly disgusting

It was a special day.

The community was invited.

They came.

I can not believe  a business on Yonge Street would be so disconnected  as to be so gross.

I crossed at the lights, scooted south and turned  east at Mosely and south at Wells.

Last time and the time before in almost the same area ,I stopped to chat and the unmistakable aroma of gingerbread baking wafted around me.

I suppose it's possible that freshly-baked still -warm  gingerbread with apple sauce and whipped cream might be the traditional Saturday evening desert in the same neighbourhood.

Or maybe Saturday was Scanlon's day...all day...to bake gingerbread.

Time ran out

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "That is not what I said":

Evelyn, didn't the town borrow money from the hydro fund to finance their garage? If so, would your idea have to wait until the money is put back?

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 28 September 2014 15:27


The finance plan was put forward  to show how that facility could be financed .

Part is proposed to be financed by debentures

Part with proceeds from sale of lands owned by the town with $6 million spent making it ready for sale and development.

Part from development charge revenues which come in as new homes are built.

 Debenture debt is a perfectly acceptable  way to pay for a facility that will serve the towns needs long beyond the term if the debt.

It means the people  using the facility pay for the facility.

Pretty much like a house mortgage. While paying the mortgage, the house provides shelter for the family.Money costs money.

Whether buying or renting, there's a cost.

It infuriates me to be told  it is my obligation to pay higher taxes now to save future residents  from having to pay what it costs to maintain facilities needed to maintain  public service.they enjoy.

The idea is a canyon width  from the basic principle of fairness in taxation.

The hydro reserve is intact.

We  fought off the crazy heritage theme park.

We were saved from the satellite university boondoggle.

A number if other significant extravagances were cancelled.

We are engaged in an election.

It is your turn to make your intentions  clear.

It helps to be talking about the same thing

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "That is not what I said":

Evelyn you must know the developers have their own agenda.Forget your pie in the sky; sell it all and let the bedroom community go into a coma. 

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 28 September 2014 14:14


The town owns all the property from .Church  Street to Mosely. The  old library buildings were made redundant when the new one was built.

But that's a story too. The entire lock was designated in my time of influence  as  a Civic Square. The main entrance of the library was built at the back because I. I time it was intended to be open to Yonge Street.

We bought the house that Chris Watts   keeps on about with  the open square in mind.

Councils change as do plans. John West's council bought the north- east corner of Church and Yonge and built the new library. Later  John said the old library should have been demolished at the same time to provide for adequate parking

But the Seniors were  putting in a strong bid to move out of the old firehall into the old library. Instead a new facility was  built to suit their needs.It's a hive of activity seven  days a week.

Victoria Hall is a primitive structure that doesn't really justify the space it occupies.

The town would be the developers.  The soil could be problematic. But there is no land
that can't be used if resources permit.

Condos are  already built in the neighbourhood. More are planned.  Residents living in small spaces will no doubt welcome the facility. Lot levies for recreation would add to the hydro fund.

The  project is entirely feasible. All it takes is leadership.

This last term $300,000 was spent preparing "swing space" for an addition to the Town Hall.

It never happened  and the money went down the tube.

Every year we give away half a million  tax dollars to a facility which is totally inadequate for the purpose used.

I know my idea is not pie -in-the-sky because it's already been stolen twice .

It doesn't even take courage. Everything we need  is on hand.

A project like this brings a community together like nothing else can.

Downtown could become a niche market for art supplies, costumiers, stage props,musical instruments and who knows what else.We could have our own comedy club circuit without even trying.

Her's  another thought, maybe the answer to Yonge Street doldrums is  not to try and provide parking on the street  but maintain the heritage facade and proved access and parking at the rear.

That too is not beyond the realm of possibility.

A pox in the promenade plan with a  price tag of millions.

Let us think outside of the box...behind Yonge Street.

That is not what I said

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Neccessary Revision":

A building on Yonge St. "to give young people who have fallen through the cracks in the education system a second chance to recover and discover and follow a dream"

I have to ask Councillor if perhaps you mistakenly picked up Councillor Abel's notebook and in the rush to do your blog used his notes? This does not sound like you. This sounds like some nonsense coming from someone with little regard for taxpayers' dollars.

As if a building on Yonge St. could do this. I think we need to know the scope of the problem, how it can be solved and whose responsibility it is to solve it.

Heaven knows, it could be a haven for those finding school a drag and finding a nice warm place on Yonge St. to meet their buds. All paid for by the taxpayers!

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 28 September 2014 10:31


I am not talking about a building on Yonge Street. I am talking about the site owned by the town on Victoria Street. 

I am not talking about using tax dollars. I am talking about creating a self-sufficient  asset with  proceeds from the sale of Aurora Hydro.

I have been talking about it since Hydro was sold in 2006 when the Council of the day resolved not to allow the funds to be frittered away on stuff current taxes should cover.

Ridiculous schemes are not my forte.

Since  2006 , I've been saying the hydro asset should be used to create  a new asset.

It should be invested in business project we would never  even think of adding to the tax burden.

A  facility  that  would be a magnet for people of all age groups who are not playing hockey ,baseball,soccer,rugby,climbing rock walls, flying off roofs and walls on skate boards, or swimming ocean knots in Aurora swimming pools.

A centre for a different  kind of activity that could well  prove to be a stimulant for a niche market in our downtown core.

I have no access to  contents of another Councillor/candidate handbook. If  the ideas  don't  sound like me  it's because they are  not.

We have the land,  the funds and four years to get it done.

Not every Council gets an opportunity to  start and complete a project that will make a difference in people's lives for the foreseeable future.

The last Council  had  the opportunity and the Council  before . They didn't take it.

Now I'm saying enough of the lallygagging. Let's  get at it.

Let's make sure we have something to show for the proceeds of the sale of  Aurora Hydro.

Eight years ago.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Neccessary Revision

So I did my two minutes. Twice. Rogers  provided the opportunity for two takes and a choice. 

The first take was a bust. Too much stuff.  In the second one I just he stated who I was ,how long I had lived in  the town. I had raised my seven children here and  also spent most of those years involved in the town  in ways too many to list.

I talked about the need to mme a decision on  redundant buildings on Library Square . That I think 
funds that came from the sale of a valuable asset should be used no to create an equally valuable asset.  Lne that could never be contemplated as a tax burden.

A building to serve every age  group  from nine in the morning until evening hours.
Studio  space  for music,dance,art, writers and  drama workshops, chess,bridge,photography and a computer by cafe, whatever  people might need to challenge their intellect and artistic bent.

To give young people who have fallen through the cracks in the education system a second chance  to  recover and discover and follow a dream. And  provide people at the other edge of the age spectrum
a reason to rise in the morning.

We have the site. The financial resource.  A four year term of office . Enough to see such a project through from start to finish.

All it takes is determination on the part of the new Council.

The project could  easily  be a tremendous stimulant to business in the downtown core.

The time is right.

That's all I had time for.

Stephanie was with me. She said she wished I had smiled more. After the first take she took the notes from me and  said....  " Just  look into the.camera and talk Grannie "

Easily said. Two minutes are but a flash . The challenge is to say something sensible.

Choosing high points from forty seven years of involvement is not easy. Squeezing in goals for the town's future  doesn't make it easier.

Anyway, it's done. Can't remember if I thanked the people at Rogers. They were very nice. Candidates  reading who haven't done their two minutes yet  should relax. It will be fine.

We drove off into the  blinding sunshine and forest of  election signs lining the roads.

Oh .Oh ..Oh  ...

I don't have those resources.

If I had, I' m not sure that's the best use.

Frenzy  behind the scenes is what the proliferation suggests.

Friday, 26 September 2014


I sometime indulge myself and respond to a comment otherwise intended .I let myself go.

I  acknowledge an inclination towards the dramatic. I make no apology.

I left the post in draft form.

Stephanie has been editing.my blog.

 My old fashioned style  of punctuation combined  with a lack of facility with the keyboard,  is a source of hilarity and irritation both to my grand-daughter.;  herself a University grad in Dramatic Arts and communication,  a feminist and an erstwhile Green Party candidate.

A draft not intended to be,was published.

I have removed it and assigned it to oblivion. It was a satisfactory  exercise never-the-less.

Being involved in a legal process for the past five years has been enlightening.
Today's news item in Toronto's Mayoralty is the endorsment of John Tory by an organization of Chinese shopkeepers.

By itself that would have been an insult to Olivia Chow. But to add injury to insult a spokesperson
for the group was a shopkeeper who had himself been in the news recently.  He was charged with offences Ms. Chow was instrumental in having removed.

Mr. Tory was pleased to have the endorsation.

I think that could be problematic.

The group looked to be no more than seven or eight shopkeepers. It would seem to me the Chinese community in Toronto would be substantially more than that.

Olivia Chow was a Toronto Alderman before she was an M.P. Before she was Jack Layton's wife.
She was small but she was mighty and she had a high profile in the city's politics. It's hard to imagine
considering  her ongoing political success that she might have lost the loyalty of the Chinese community. NDP support would likely be substantially augmented by the Chinese community.

The question that comes to mind is....would the Chinese community be represented by the group that endorsed John Tory? Or would they be embarrassed by the betrayal of one of their own?

Also......Olivia is not the person for Tory to beat.

He seems to be acknowledging that when he vows not to attend debates unless Doug Ford is there as well. He's obviously not too concerned about the women's vote.

I think seeking or accepting this endorsement has the potential to cost Tory support.

It's also a surefire indicator that neither Tory nor his team have a sense of voter intuition about what's fair. People have an instinct about stuff like that.

Well y'know he's been in this race before. He lost to Rob Ford last time.

These are early days. The fight has just begun.

There's no sign of urbane finesse in the Ford camp. More like knock 'm down and drag'm out.


I have to do the thing at Rogers today. It's two minutes not ten. I have to organize my thoughts. It might as well be here.

I was Mayor for four years. In my third and fourth term of office the economy had tanked with an oil crisis. The town could only issue 13 more building permits. The tertiary sewage treatment plant was at capacity.

In my four years at the helm, library space was tripled.

A new public works facility was built.

New administration offices were completed in partnership with the York Region Board of Education. We replaced the biggest blight on the landscape with a beautiful public building with no land costs.

A downtown BIA was formed.

A parking lot on the west side was designed and constructed.

Heritage light standards were installed.

Flower boxes, hanging baskets and heritage style benches were placed.

The Seniors Club got their first dedicated space in the Church Street School.

A museum was created.

A curator was hired who doubled as a heritage researcher.

The first Local Architectural Advisory Committee in Ontario was created and serious heritage research undertaken.

We borrowed money and bought Jack Wood's farm to develop the first showcase industrial park.

Little theatre became a reality on Henderson Drive. We obtained ownership of a small square box of a factory building using an LI.P. grant of $21,000 and hundreds of hours of free labour and the first play "Charlie's Aunt"was staged and the dream of every drama lover in Aurora was realized.

We created little green spaces on property we owned on Yonge Street.

Bought a burnt- out site mid block and created access to the parking lot recently constructed.

Aurora was on the move. We recognized opportunities and sprang into action.

When I left the Mayor's office, people said I had moved too far, too fast and they hadn't had time to catch up.

Whatever.... I had the opportunity to make a difference and I used it for the betterment of the community.

I think that's what elected office is about.

The present Council had that same priority.  Unfortunately we wasted time chasing after ideas
presented from without rather than within. They were mostly about separating the town from the leg Hydro Reserve Legacy.

Also garbage from the previous term remained, which was all about spending millions on legal fees to wreak vengeance on the former Mayor's imaginary enemies.

For two full terms, a decision has been pending on redundant public buildings on Library Square.

A major site in the town centre with tremendous potential for creating a beating heart within the core.

The site is there. The funds are there. One four year term of office is enough to start and complete an
asset to the community the equal of Aurora Hydro.

I picture a building open from nine in the morning into the evening, serving every age group.

Studio space on several floors to accommodate music, dance, acting, writing, computer/coffee shop, art, chess, bridge. The list goes on.

A place where non-academic students slipped through the cracks in the education system might have a second chance to follow a dream and achieve excellence.

The site is available. Funds are in the bank earning minimal interest. Four years is long enough to start and complete a project that could make a difference in the lives of Aurorans for years to come.

It could also, all by itself, be a mighty stimulant to the down-town business core.

Build it....they will come.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Not A Penny More

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "They Can't Take That Away From Me":

Wasn't yesterday another court day for the town? Like maybe in the Kitchener Waterloo area

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 24 September 2014 18:28


Yesterday was another court date in Kitchener/Waterloo area. 

A new date was scheduled to hear arguments about why the Claim should be amended to $25,000 from $250,000 to allow the case to be sent down to Small Claims Court.

At this time costs of the proceedings are more than $25,000. 

It is the town's intent that the town will not shoulder any part of the cost of this action. 

Unlike the Town's Insurance Company which kept paying and paying and paying to the tune of a million dollars.

Signs and Portents

Signs are without a doubt the most expensive and work intensive of any campaign. I prefer to place them with a willing host on private property. They are safer.  I would very much like to hear from anyone willing to have a sign.

Once they are up, a daily round is needed to ensure they are not torn, blown off the stake, folded in the rain or lying on the ground.

There are rules about where signs can be placed on regional roads.

As the weeks of a campaign wear on, candidate stress grows. The late Dick Illingworth was fond of saying about political involvement; "You don't have to be crazy but it helps".

You can't know what it's like without actually doing it. Even while doing it, you keep wondering if you are reading the signs right.

Nowhere are politics more real than at the municipal level.

I time out when I need too by contemplating Toronto's Mayoralty contest.

We hear nothing at all about the Council races. Focus is on the top job.

My grand-daughter Stephanie insists I am a Ford brother supporter. I insist I am not.

It's just amazing politics. Yesterday in a speech the U.S. President made a speech in which he stated. "Might makes right". Might meaning power.

The fascinating aspect about the race is the number of gladiators in the ring. It's impossible to tell where "might" might be hiding.

The press and the Police Association are right in there.

In Aurora we have an incredible battle of the signs.

At this point, nothing can be discerned about any candidate except that some have spent mightily on signs and a mighty amount of work placing them.

I put signs out as late as possible. In one election, I didn't use any.  I received a letter of commendation from a resident for not visually polluting the landscape.

It was nice to receive.

I was not elected.

Last election most of my signs were re-cycled from previous elections.  So I splurged and had several huge signs securely placed in locations of my choosing by the sign-maker.

I drove around to look at them and was mighty pleased with my decision.

Within hours the sign on the north-east corner of Bathurst and Bloomington had disappeared. Panic stations. Was that going to happen to all of them?

Turned out the missing sign was out of synch with regional rules and had been removed.

Yesterday the Town Clerk informed candidates that the Region intends to enforce the rules.

This morning an e-mail circulating from a candidate suggests the Region is only enforcing rules in Aurora and they must be doing it because of a complaint from a candidate who doesn't have any signs.

Twenty eight candidates are in the race. That's a record. I can only focus on one. Me.

I can see who has signs. I can't tell who does not.

I know of one resident sufficiently incensed about the numbers of signs. He is threatening to boycott the election and encourage his friends and neighbours to do the same.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

They Can't Take That Away From Me

What a weird wind-up for a last council meeting.

Started off with delegations about trafficking of women and consequences of bullying. Two organizations funded by government presented.

Council was advised children in high schools are being drawn into prostitution rings by boyfriends.

If such a horrendous thing is happening in Aurora, school boards and parents should be first alerted.

On the other hand, if it's happening one would think they should already know.

And-if not-it's an extraordinarily unnecessary fearful statement to make.

Bullying and intimidation are not foreign to Council.

I've experienced my share.

Yet it seems a proactive defence against degradation and humiliation is also frowned upon and leads to more of the same.

The first meeting of this Council called for termination of litigation against three residents by the Mayor using their own tax dollars to add insult to injury.

This Council paid the fees incurred after terminating the litigation.

A judge ultimately found the lawsuit was a deliberate attempt to silence political criticism during an election campaign. To me, it was a vengeful act.

The target families were served notice of action on Thanksgiving Eve.

The complainant twice refused to commit to reimburse the municipality for funds expended
on her behalf.

Council proceeded to pay the bill anyway after incurring an additional legal fee of $8,000 to advise.

I did not agree.

It was the first indication of how the term would proceed.

As it has-with barely a pause.

A final piece of  twisted mosaic fell into place last night.

Six town house units on half an acre fronting onto Old Bloomington Road, were approved last night. The section was abandoned by the Region thirty-five years ago.

It dipped down steeply from Yonge at Bowen Motors corner and the Region decided in their wisdom to abandon the hazardous section and move the alignment of Bloomington Road south.

The town inherited a rough gravel right -of -way serving about fifteen lots of record created perhaps, as long ago as 188 years. Similar to Ridge Road on the opposite side of Yonge Street. Both would have been carved into the hills in neighbouring rural townships at the time of original settlement.

Six modern town houses said to be worth a million dollars apiece, urban density in a rural setting are now going to use the road for access and egress.

The road is seriously inadequate. Millions will be required to upgrade it to an urban standard.

With only twenty assessed properties to contribute to the cost.

No road have ever been planned for that location. Whats there was abandoned for useful purpose.
Without the possibility of development on the south side, economic feasibility is completely impractical.

Staff informed that lot levies could contribute.

Six levies will contribute little.

Lot levies were recently re-calculated.  Re-construction of an existing right-of-way cannot have been charged.

History is many faceted. Not easily absorbed. Especially by one with little experience beyond the classroom or Council Chamber.

Councillor Pirri expressed difficulty.

Forty-seven years of experience can only be acquire with forty-seven years of experience.

But the Councillor dismissed everything he heard with the sweeping statement it made no sense.

In eight years, only once have I sunk to the level of naming a Councillor "Jackass". In politics, name-calling is unwise. It signifies loss of control and opens the door to like-minded retaliation.

All dignity is lost.

I didn't do it last night, the re-call was enough.

Oh my...it felt so good.