"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


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Hope your admiration for her pays off for our neighbors to the south. It will mean nothing for us exept maybe a couple of entertaining post election reality shows

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I tried to detach myself. You know all that stuff that floats around on Facebook about how to be happy. 

Different strokes for different folks.

The picture fits into my television screen again. Calico cat must have stepped ona button   on the remote. It sits on the arm of my chair. He jumps up on my lap  then steps up on the arm of the chair climbs further across the back and walks around the back of my head,down the other arm before sprawling out on my lap. All without any encouragement whatsoever. 

Now the audio has closed down on some stations. 

Last night, I watched the silliest election event ever.

 In 1960, an individual in a small "town" in the northern reaches decided the election should be held at midnight. 

Nine ballots were cast. An official, presumably returning officer, stood by the ballot box with a stop watch. Lined up on the other side were five husky males, ballots in hand. 

The backdrop looked like the hardware store in Tim the Toolman. Each voter looked like 
varying sizes of Tim himself  dressed either in plaid shirt or sweaters. 

On the stroke of midnight, voting began. At 12.07, voting concluded. After the official thrust his ballot in the slot as well. 

Hillary did not win a single vote. Not a woman was in sight. It was an all male event. Not even the media noted the peculiarity.

The vote tallied at nine. When  the excitement was  over ,everybody ate cake. 

Women with microphones, one  lugging big heavy cameras ,augmented the crowd at that time. 

I really think the show was staged. Bernie Sanders received four votes. I don't think it was a coincidence Hillary was shut out.

The  guys were sending a message to their buddies . To Democrats, Bernie was the boy. 

Pun intended.

Monday, 8 February 2016


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Link ?
or more disinformation from you?

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It's a valid point. 

I like to keep the conversation going but I do reject many comments. 

I have waffled though with some negative references that don't provide a source. 

From now on they will be rejected and I will remove those published already.

The blog is committed one hundred per cent to Hillary Clinton. 

Nobody has an obligation to be a candidate for public office. 

Nobody has a right to be chosen. 

Like Charlie Rose and Sean Penn's viewers,I may be one in 20 million,but on some days I have more American readers than Canadian.

I feel better putting my heart and soul behind Hillary. 

Something weird is happening to my television. As the New Hampshire Primary vote approaches and excitement reaches a crescendo, the  T.V. picture gets higher and wider and no longer fits within the screen. It almost seems symbolic. 

It's a good thing my attention is more listening  than watching. 

I understand about caucus voting. I understand voters can chose between Democratic and Republican in the New Hampshire Primary. I do not understand is the relevance of polls between Republicans and Democrats and candidates of both parties. 
Does a Primary vote mean New Hampshire voters are choosing their candidate for President. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016


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I'm having a hard time understanding your admiration for her

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I am completely in awe of the challenge of competing in the process of election to the Office of President of the United States. It is beyond my comprehension. 

Obviously  I am not American and do not have a vote. Nothing I say hangs in the balance.

Still, the United Nations has survived sixty-five years and we all have an interest in the President of the United States of America. 

Despite being a tiny backwater, we share some common elements. Experience may give me a another perspective. Not superior. Just hard-knock different. Empathy perhaps.

We know only what we  read or hear on electronic media without means of verifying authenticity. 

Nothing I've  read  or heard leads me to disbelieve in Hillary Clinton's integrity or commitment to public service.

Indications are wealth came through speaking engagements and successful book sales. 

Both honest and  publicly-shared endeavors. 

We read of investments made at one time. Nothing there of questionable morality.

On the other hand, jealousy and malevolence are prominent in the political condition and never hard to identify.  Even Democrats are not immune. 

Only two candidates in the current Republican line-up indicate national well-being, Republican-style, come before exploitation, greed and ambition .

At the moment, neither looks like a winner though I'm reminded  of a Churchill quote;

"Americans always do the right thing. ....after they've tried everything else"

Governors Jeb Bush and John Stasick and Christie are obviously hoping that's true.

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Last week, Charlie Rose said twenty-million had watched the interview wit Sean Penn. My first thought 
...I was one of them ... If I needed it, it put me and my blog into perspective. 

Second thought  ....how do they come up with the figure of twenty-million? 

 I gave up on that.

Yesterday, an issue in the U.S. Democratic nomination race were fees paid to Hillary Clinton for speaking engagements to the business community in excess of $200.000.

Journalists deemed it a problem because ordinary people have difficulty understanding why a person
could be paid so much for speaking to their expertise. 

thought...what are they talking about?

Ordinary people have no problem getting their heads around sports stars and teams making millions from their prowess. The money comes from the pockets of ordinary people in ticket sales and marketing  paraphernalia that fans are only too willing to buy. Adulation knows no bounds for people who need to have excitement in their lives. Like most of us. 

started a conversation in the blog with the comment I had tried not  to become invested in Hillary's campaign.

The  challenge is enormous.  The prize may be unattainable. 

Her courage has to be phenomenal and  stamina super human.

The strength of the organisation rallied behind her is hard to imagine and can only be matched by the power of the force ranged against her. 

I have watched world history unfold and repeat itself many times in my lifetime. 

This battle is epic. 

I have nothing but profound admiration for the woman who has taken it on. She is a serious candidate.
It could be her destiny. I hope to see it.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


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The only eminently qualified presidential candidate from either party is Hillary Clinton.

The rest are all wackos, shysters and religious zealots - a good description of most Americans, especially when you throw in assault weapons.

22:02 - don't listen to her voice, read what she has to say.

Do you switch to Fox? Another group of wackos. 

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If credentials matter, Hillary Clinton is miles better than the rest .

The inexorable grind of prejudice keeps on truckin'

Bernie Sanders has a compelling message. He encourages people to believe they might have a say 
In their future. 

To be sure, wackosshysters and religious zealots are prominent in the race. 

I don't agree  they are representative. 
They are just noisier and more strident. Like bullies everywhere. 

They  have more T.V., Radio stations and other news outlets to lend credence to greed and arrogance
and ignorance. 

But they don't have the stage all to themselves. There's a more than favourable balance of intelligence and insight and depth. 

 I have to say,I find the drama of American politics captivating. 

No script has  more authentic dialogue. Few actors play their roles with greater skill than American politicians, writers and journalists.

Canadians may be a kinder gentler society or the contours may just be slightly more blurred.  

We have no grounds to be dismissive or condescending. 

Greed and arrogance and lack of social conscience may be just as prevalent though slightly less evident. 

In the last Ontario and federal elections, both wins were by default. 

People who should be offering to serve...don't.

Mediocrity is an affliction we endure. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I have tried not to become invested in Hilary Clinton's presidential nomination race. It's so tense and 
so hard.

She won  the Iowa caucus according to the rules. Now it's argued she lost and Senator Bernie Sanders the real winner. He wants to "examine the paperwork" like he can't deal with the hard fact. 

The word moral enters the picture.

On the Republican side the Trump, in second-place, claims the to be the real winner.with no less bombast than before. And no more ability to deal with reality than Bernie Sanders. 

The real Republican winner did indeed have a Howard Dean moment. 

In less than reverential terms  he bawled out to  crowd;  "God Bless Iowa" .

Who calls upon the deity to bless the greatest number of votes  in a truly unholy process.

CNN has a frequent guest named Hugh Hewlettt. He has a show iof his own called....Hugh Hewlett's Show. 

Mr. Hewlett is an avowed admirer of the Trump genius. 

Last night, he looked directly into the camera and made a statement against Hilary that made my skin crawl. 

Don Lemon, the CNN host made a feeble attempt to discount the statement. 

I wish I hadn't seen that.  I'll be so glad when it's over. 

Except what will I do then for excitement ?

Monday, 1 February 2016


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This may come as a shock to you but the defendants did not initiate this lawsuit. I would not expect them to pay for it out of their pockets because they were sued as councillors.  
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So .....what was being initiating when George  Rust D'Eye was retained by the former Mayor to advise   strategy to control a Councillor who persistently exercised judgement and authority as an elected representative. 

The  night of the melodramatic announcement of an "Emergency"   Mr. Rust  D'eye spent fifteen minutes  in the Council chamber  to convince me I should not attend the meeting 

Despite  my request for disclosure, the purpose of the meeting had been withheld. 

 The solicitor informed me I I would be in Conflict  should the matter  lead to litigation. I might hear something to my pecuniary advantage. 

First he  asked ...had I retained legal counsel? 

Why would I do that? I asked. 

Oh I'm not suggesting it  .....he responded hastily.

My presence,it seemed,  was not welcome at a meeting where the purpose was to advise on a political strategy to a faction of the  Aurora political body that did not include myself. 

As a Councillor I had a right to attend any meeting of council. So I went despite Mr. Rust D'eye's effort.

Logic dictated if the meeting created conflict for one side of potential litigation, it  did  for the other as well. 

Sauce  for the goose is sauce for the gander. 

Before amalgamation in 1999 ,Mr. Rust  D'Eye was Metro Toronto's  chief solicitor. Elimination of the boroughs and Metro created a redundancy of municipal public servants and a resultant glut of
municipal  consultants. 

The Mayor had encountered Mr. Rust  D'eye at an annual municipal conference the year before. 
Apparently she had confided in him the problem she was having with a Councillor who had opened up a line of communication with town residents  on social media. Mr Rust D'eye had a solution to offer. 

It was  clear from his comments  to persuade me not to attend and hear his advice, Mr. Rust D'eye anticipated litigation  to ensue.

That was the start of things.